IntroDUCKtion: School of Art + Design

Welcome to the School of Art + Design! Our school houses majors in Art, Art & Technology, and Product Design. In order to complete your IntroDUCKtion, you will need to complete the following four steps:

Step One

Please watch the video for your major below for more information you need to know as an incoming first year in our program. This video includes important things to consider regarding registration, tips on how to register, as well as what to expect in your first term here at the UO.


Art & Technology

Product Design

Step Two

Build your schedule plan! Use the following planner to think about what classes you want to and need to register for before proceeding with step three. Utilize the resources referenced in the video you watched in step one to help you with this process.

Step Three

Once you have a plan for what to register for and have a good idea of what resources are available to you, schedule an appointment with an academic advisor in order to be authorized to actually register. We will expect you to have a good idea of the courses you are registering for before granting you registration access, so please make sure to do steps one and two!

Visit our Schedule an Advising Appointment webpage or follow the instructions in your email titled “College of Design IntroDUCKtion” to schedule an appointment with an advisor.

Step Four

If you have any additional questions that weren’t addressed in the previous steps, feel free to chat with an advisor or schedule another advising appointment as you did in step three.