History of Art and Architecture Undergraduate Programs

Our mission is to help you become a guardian and advocate for culture and the arts within Oregon, the United States, and the world—which is why our art history program is thoroughly global in scope. Courses examine cultural production from Asia, the Americas, Europe, and the Mediterranean. You will learn at least one ancient or modern language associated with your main area of interest.

The Student Experience

students examine film with loupe

students examine artwork on table

Enrich Your Academic Experience

Studying abroad and joining a student organization are just some of the ways you can enrich your classroom experience.

Career Opportunities

Thanks to this rigorous training in critical thinking and communication, art history is not just a preprofessional major for future art historians. An art history degree prepares you to embark on an array of professional careers, including those in business, education, law, private and nonprofit organizations, professional writing, and publishing. More specialized careers include art-based professions in museums, galleries, archives, and cultural institutes.


The Department of the History of Art and Architecture offers various opportunities for students to apply for financial assistance.

Learn More

Are you interested in becoming a major in—or perhaps changing your major to—Art History? We look forward to talking with you! Please contact our Director of Undergraduate Studies for further information.