History of the College of Design

The College of Design has supported, inspired, and shaped students for over 100 years.

Founded in 1914, the visionary leadership of UO president Prince Lucien Campbell and the founding dean, Ellis F. Lawrence set the stage for a dynamic, creative, innovative, and highly regarded educational institution. Originally named the School of Architecture and Fine Arts, and known for 100 years as the School of Architecture and Allied Arts (A&AA), the College of Design has undergone several name changes and department and program changes throughout its history to reflect our ever-evolving identity.

While our name has changed, our values remain the same: we are dedicated to advancing the understanding, value, and quality of visual culture and the built, natural, and social environments through excellent and distinctive teaching, research, and creative endeavors.

Impactful Alumni

The College of Design is proud of the many achievements and contributions of our alumni worldwide. Share your story with us