Explore the College of Design for Nonmajors

Undecided About Your Major?

Study with us and experience the wide range of disciplines in the College of Design. We offer dozens of degrees in nationally ranked, accredited programs with expertise in sustainable cities, healthy communities, cultural arts, art and architectural history, product design, public and nonprofit sector management, and more. Several of our academic programs have rolling admissions and welcome students each term, while others require students to apply specifically to the program. Visit the department or program's website for more information.

You may also contact or meet with an advisor for help exploring your major decision. Undergraduates can make an appointment by coming to the Student Services office in 105 Lawrence Hall on the Eugene campus or calling 541-346-2621. 

Take a General Education or Open Elective Course for Nonmajors

These are just a few of the College of Design courses you can take as an exploring student. For additional courses, follow the links to each discipline.


ARCH 201. Introduction to Architecture (4 Credits): Offered only during fall term, this course provides a structure of principles for making places for people. Examines places, design procedures, and the use of architectural principles in general. Current UO students interested in applying to the major should take this course in fall term and contact the department’s advising staff for more information.

Interior Architecture

IARC 204. Understanding Contemporary Interiors (4 Credits): Introduction to the theory of interior architecture. Design criteria explored through illustrated lectures and projects involving analysis of space. Current UO students interested in applying to the major should take this course fall term.

Art and Art & Technology

ART 101. Understanding Contemporary Media (4 Credits): Critical exploration of concepts surrounding and defining the experience of understanding contemporary art. A&L*

History of Art and Architecture

ARH 101. Masterpieces of World Art (4 Credits): Introduction to art and architectural history through examination of 13 key sites from around the world. GP

ARH 150. Introduction to Visual Culture (4 Credits): Explore a wide variety of methods for analyzing images and objects of visual culture, drawing on concepts and methods from art history, anthropology, archaeology, and media studies.

Landscape Architecture

LA 260 Understanding Landscapes (4 Credits): Learn how to perceive, describe, and explain landscapes as environmental sets, biophysical processes, and cultural values. A&L

Planning, Public Policy and Management

PPPM 201. Introduction to Public Policy (4 Credits): Overview of professional public service and the planning and management of public issues. Focuses on the goals of public services within their economic, social, and political contexts. SSC

Product Design

PD 101. Introduction to Product Design (4 Credits): Offered in fall term, this course examines how designers invent things that help people through interviews with design superstars, drawing techniques, photo documentation, computer-aided design, and design portfolio creation. Current UO students interested in applying to the major are encouraged to take this course during fall term.

* Abbreviations after course descriptions indicate which general education or elective requirement a course meets.

Areas of Inquiry and Core Education Courses

Learn more about the UO's general education requirements now known as areas of inquiry, core education, and multicultural requirements and how those requirements have changed recently.