Technology and Material Requirements

Technology Requirements

Students in some of our programs are required to own personal laptops to participate effectively in the computer-integrated studios and majors. Check with your department regarding technology and material requirements required for your program.

Tuition and Fees

The cost of tuition varies depending on your student classification (undergraduate, graduate), the number of credits you enroll in, and your residency status. Visit the Office of the Registrar for a tuition estimate.

Some courses also include course fees to cover instruction-related services such as materials consumed by a student as a part of the course, or required field trip costs. Visit the UO Budget and Resource Planning site to learn more about course fees. You can also look up specific classes in the Class Schedule; if there is a green "$" in the "Notes" column, the course has a course fee for that term. Visit the Office of the Registrar to learn more about mandatory enrollment and course fees.

Supply Costs

Check with your department regarding supplies required for your program.