Off-Campus Scholarships

If you’ve submitted your UO and College of Design scholarship applications, you may be wondering where else you can seek funding. We recommend starting with your personal network of people and organizations rather than using online search engines like or See examples of organizations below.

Civic Organizations

Most cities and even small towns have civic organizations that focus on volunteer-based initiatives designed to improve a local community. Depending on their action focus, some may offer scholarships that are provided through membership donations. Examples of civic organizations that can be found nationally and may have a chapter in your hometown/city of residency include:


Financial Institutions

Check with your local bank or credit union branch. Many offer scholarships, particularly the larger institutions such as US Bank.

Professional Support Organizations

Many professionals seek guidance, support, and continuing education from organizations specific to them. As a major in the College of Design, you might find scholarship opportunities through some of the following example organizations:

American Institute of Architects (AIA)
AIA NWW (Northwest Washington)
Architects Foundation
American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA)
Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture (CELA)
International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Foundation
Industrial Designers Society of America
Society of Illustrators
Society of Architectural Historians

Private Foundations

A private foundation is a specific type of non-profit charitable organization that works with philanthropists who want to donate money to help address needs in their community. For many, supporting education is a priority through providing scholarships. In Oregon, you can apply through the Ford Family Foundation and Oregon Community Foundation, among others. Check your home city, county, and state for foundations that may offer scholarships.

Private Companies

Some companies will offer scholarships either directly or through an associated foundation. These companies are examples of search results using a particular major or area of career interest:

Lawn & Landscape
Nelson Cabinetry

Nonprofit Organizations

Some organizations help support educational pursuits as part of their overall advocacy mission, such as:

American Association of University Women
Pat Tillman Foundation (active military, veterans, and spouses)
American Indian College Fund
Association of Latino Professionals for America
Pride Foundation


Do you or your parent/guardian have access to extended educational benefits through their place of employment? These are examples of big companies that offer their workers educational benefits, but smaller companies may offer them as well:

United Parcel Service (UPS)
Wells Fargo Bank
Home Depot
Best Buy


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