Alumni Stories

Larco and Knudson Write the Handbook on Sustainable Urban Design

The School of Architecture & Environment (SAE), and by extension the College of Design, has a storied history of innovation and expansive sustainability research that includes the design of buildings, interiors, landscapes, and communities.

Transpecies design projects featured in Venice Biennale

The Venice Architecture Biennale features some of the world's best artists, architects, and designers coming together to put on a unique exhibit that sees over 600,000 people over a span of six months. Students and faculty in the UO College of Design played a prominent role in this year's exhibition. Read more about what the College of Design is doing in regards to the world’s most pressing issues, including climate change, environmental degradation, and the demise of biodiversity.

From River Guide to Architect: It’s All About Environmental Stewardship

At first it doesn’t seem connected, but to hear Jean Carroon, FAIA, BA ’79, MArch ’86, explain how being a white water river guide for ten years in the Northwest led to a career in architecture, it all makes sense.

Eye for Architecture

Michael Wilkes, BArch ’71, started fresh out of college as an architect at the San Diego firm that would later become Delawie/Bretton/Wilkes Associates. That’s also where he started to learn photography and how he became enamored with the discipline.

From UO Architecture to WeWork IPO: An Extraordinary Journey

Miguel McKelvey, UO architecture school graduate and co-founder of WeWork, joins us to share how his experience in architecture school empowered his entrepreneurial journey and set him on a path to create one of the most well-known companies in the world. Join us to learn how WeWork built hundreds of locations around the world, and about his experience building a multi-billion dollar company.

UO programs bolstered by $16M in Build Back Better funds

Researchers at the University of Oregon will receive more than $16 million in federal funds as part of a major government grant to the Oregon Mass Timber Coalition from the Build Back Better Regional Challenge.

2022 Lawrence Medalist Reflects on a Life of Service

The 2022 Ellis F. Lawrence Medal recipient is Edmund J. Cain, Jr., MA ’70, an international human development expert with fifty years of career experience.

Wordle, the brainchild of a UO alum, is sweeping the globe

Around the O article: Josh Wardle, a 2011 Master of Fine Arts graduate in digital arts, has a new project sweeping the globe: Wordle.

Indigenous Designer and UO Alumna Tracie Jackson Featured on the UO BE Series

Tracie Jackson (Diné) is the guest speaker of UO's "BE" series – a student-run program that brings together thinkers, makers, and disrupters to share their ideas on the issues that matter.

Architecture, Product Design Team Launches Taskshade to Improve Workspace Health

The “personal shading companion” provides protection from glare while keeping all the benefits of sunlight.

Alum Marcus Harvey Directs Redesign of New Logo for Portland Winterhawks

The digital arts alum incorporated elements of the region into the branding for the WHL ice hockey team.

Johnpaul Jones’ Vancouver Land Bridge featured in the New York Times

The architecture alum’s collaboration with artist Maya Lin and the Confluence Project is at the heart of a new retrospective.

From the ‘City of Water’ to the Ghost-Monsters of Edo-Era Japan, Students Create a JSMA Exhibition

In an art history course, students helped design the exhibition "Rhapsody in Blue and Red: Ukiyo-e Prints of the Utagawa School."

Architecture Alumnus Johnpaul Jones Wins Tau Sigma Delta Gold Medal

The TSD Honor Society in Architecture and Allied Arts recognized Jones for his record of high distinction in design in the field of architecture.