About College of Design Student Services

The College of Design Student Services office serves students in all College of Design disciplines to develop job search strategies, career goals, and career development tools. This office works collaboratively with both administrative and academic units to provide comprehensive career services to students through a variety of activities including: linking students with professionals in the field, individual career advising, presentations to classes and student groups, coordinating workshops, panels, and career symposia. 

Office Location:

105 Lawrence Hall
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR

Student Services Team

Kassia Dellabough, PhD | Director + Senior Instructor

Kassia Dellabough

phone: 541-346-2621
email: kassia@uoregon.edu

Louie Bottaro | Academic Advisor

Rachel DeLeeuw | Lead Peer Advisor

Michelle Garibay | Academic Advisor

Kristin Grieger | Instructor + Advisor

Kristin Grieger

phone: 541-346-2621
email: kgrieger@uoregon.edu

Toby Kim | Academic Advisor

email: tkim4@uoregon.edu

Cindy Lundeen | Professional Outreach Manager

Cindy Lundeen

phone: 541-346-2621
email: clundeen@uoregon.edu


Kennedy Sparrow | Receptionist

Kennedy Sparrow

phone: 541-346-2621
email: mconing@uoregon.edu

Arturo Zavala | Senior Academic Advisor

Arturo Zavala

phone: 541-346-8272
email: arturo@uoregon.edu