Louie Bottaro

Academic Advisor
Phone: 541-346-2621
Office: 198 Lawrence Hall

Tom Coates

Fabrication Lab Technician
Phone: 541-346-3767
Office: 185 Lawrence Hall

Katie Coffin

Accounting Technician
Phone: 541-346-2398
Office: 125 Lawrence Hall

KC Culver

Trades Maintenance Worker 2
Phone: 503-225-8133
Office: 2800 NE Liberty Street

Stephen Duff

Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Associate Professor
Phone: 541-346-3671
Office: 210B Lawrence Hall

Michelle Garibay

Undergraduate Academic Advisor
Phone: 541-346-2621
Office: 198 Lawrence Hall

Kristin Grieger

Phone: 541-346-2621
Office: 198 Lawrence Hall

Angelica Henderson

Executive Assistant
Phone: 541-346-3697
Office: 107 Lawrence Hall

McKenna Knapp

Director of Development
Phone: 541-346-1092

Tanner Koehn

Digital Communications Specialist
Phone: 541-346-1428
Office: 105 Lawrence Hall

Gerald Lacey

Trades Maintenance Worker 2, Facilities Services
Phone: 541-346-1573
Office: 124 Lawrence Hall

Richard Margerum

Professor of Planning, Public Policy, and Management
Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs
Phone: 541-346-2526
Office: 107A Lawrence Hall
Research Interests: Collaborative governance, environmental planning and policy, watershed management

Clay Myers

Carpenter, Facilities Services
Phone: 541-346-4109
Office: 124 Lawrence Hall

Nick Noyes

Communications Specialist
Phone: 541-346-1410
Office: 105 Lawrence Hall

Adrian Parr

Dean, College of Design
Professor, Planning, Public Policy and Management; Associated Faculty, History of Art and Architecture and Landscape Architecture
Office: Lawrence Hall
Research Interests: contemporary art, cultural studies, art & architectural theory, environmental theory

Rick Schaufler

Coordinator of Student and Alumni Relations

Sean Sharp

Manager, User Support Services
Phone: 541-346-8764
Office: 126 Lawrence Hall

Arturo Zavala

Associate Director of Academic Advising, College of Design Student Services
Phone: 541-346-4295
Office: 198 Lawrence Hall