Scholarships and Awards

College of Design Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships in the College of Design are open for application by students who are enrolled majors within any of our disciplines. A select number of scholarships within certain disciplines are available for application by students who are applying for admission to a Design program.

The more than 110 scholarships in our college have been made possible by donations from private parties, both individuals and business organizations. Many are provided by alumni who have been moved to give back, and who want to be part of helping to support students today as they earn their own degrees.

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Students can find additional information about funding opportunities at Financial Aid and Scholarships.

A number of scholarships are available for international students who are enrolled at the UO. Visit International Student and Scholar Services for more information.

Tuition Guarantee

To help graduate students in the studio disciplines plan for the costs of their master's or doctoral programs, the College of Design provides a tuition guarantee. Resident and nonresident graduate students majoring in architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, historic preservation, art, or product design are eligible for the guarantee.

Why else does the college provide a tuition guarantee? The College of Design needs the flexibility to adjust tuition such that it can continue to deliver high-quality professional graduate education in line with peer institutions, and in line with the expectations of its students and their prospective employers. The guarantee gives the college the ability to make necessary adjustments without creating burdensome increases for students who have already committed to its programs.

The tuition rates guaranteed for each student are based on the tuition rates for fall term of the student's first full year in a qualifying program and the summer thereafter. As long as the student continues to make satisfactory progress toward on-time graduation, the student will not be expected to pay tuition higher than the student's guaranteed rates.

Though each student with the guarantee is still billed for current tuition each term, after the student's first full year, the student also receives a tuition credit each term. That credit offsets the difference between the student's guaranteed rates and the tuition the student is initially billed for the term. For a regular full-time student, the credit is simultaneously applied when tuition is billed. For a non-regular student, manual processing is required and the appropriate credit can only be applied after enrollment for the term has completely closed, at the end of the term's fourth week.

To avoid irreversible billing and interest charges, every student should make timely payments toward the balance of tuition due. However, a non-regular student eligible for a tuition credit may elect to pay only the balance due less the expected credit. Billing and interest charges incurred for an outstanding balance equal to the expected credit will automatically be reversed by Student Financial Services when the actual credit is applied. This is possible only because the timing of internal processing is beyond the control of the related student.

This tuition guarantee is provided and administered by the College of Design Dean's Office. This guarantee is separate from and independent of all other tuition credit, tuition remission, financial aid, and scholarship programs provided at the University of Oregon.

For recent College of Design graduate tuition rates, see the Office of the Registrar.