Career Courses

The College of Design Student Services office offers career development courses during fall, winter and spring terms. Our classes provide a mix of career theory and applied focus on career development practices, including job and internship search strategies, career research, and tool development. Please note that our classes vary by term. Review the Schedule of Classes for availability.

DSGN 408/508   Wrk Job & Intern Prep—1 credit

Instructor: Kristin Grieger

This course is designed to help students explore and prepare for an internship or post-graduation job search. Its focus is on self-assessment, career exploration, and developing application materials. Assignments incorporate independent research and therefore enable students pursuing any College of Design major to participate. Students at any point in their education are welcome to enroll.

In this course you will:

  • complete self-assessment exercises (identifying your values, strengths, and interests)
  • explore potential career paths using online tools to help you define your career direction
  • create a résumé and cover letter that represent your interests and abilities
  • learn about how to prepare for interviews and create example responses to questions

This course is one of a two-course series to help students successfully participate in the internship/job search. If you need to identify your career path and develop application materials, it is recommended, but not required, to complete this course prior to taking DSGN 408/508 Wrk Job & Intern Srch (described below).

DSGN 408/508 Job & Internship Search—1 credit  

Instructor: Kristin Grieger

This course is designed for students who are actively engaged in the search for an internship or post-graduation employment. Assignments incorporate independent research and therefore enable students pursuing any College of Design major to participate.

In this course you will:

  • learn about various proactive and reactive search strategies including a focus on networking
  • select internship/job search strategies, use them throughout the term, and evaluate your progress
  • craft an elevator pitch
  • conduct a minimum of one informational interview with a professional you select who is engaged in work that is of interest to you
  • identify your preferred organizational culture and potential employers to connect with

Please note that résumés and cover letters are addressed in a different course. DSGN 408/508 Wrk Job & Intern Prep includes developing application materials.

DSGN 404/604 Internship 1–12 credits

Instructor: Kristin Grieger

This course is for students seeking academic credit for an internship they have arranged to complete in an upcoming term. You should expect to spend at least 30 hours per 1 credit hour engaged with your internship. Assignments for this course focus on reflection and research activities to enhance the on-site experience and are managed through Canvas which allows flexibility for internship location.

Steps for enrollment:

  1. Contact the DSGN 404/604 faculty to review your internship and the forms you will be required to complete.
  2. Fill out the Internship Learning Agreement which will be completed by you and your site supervisor.
  3. Submit your completed Internship Learning Agreement no later than Friday, Week 9 of the term PRIOR to when you will begin your internship.
  4. Once the DSGN 404/604 faculty reviews and approves your Internship Learning Agreement you will be preauthorized for the course.
  5. Log into Duckweb and enroll in DSGN 404 (undergraduate students) or 604 (graduate students). This course is variable credit so you will need to change the credit to reflect the amount indicated in your Internship Learning Agreement. Typically, you will earn 1 credit for every 30 hours worked at your internship (approximately 3 hours weekly for a 10-week term). In the case of graduate credit, some graduate programs require 40 hours per credit.

Resources to help you with the internship search: