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The College of Design is a unique academic, professional, and creative community. We are founded on the principles of interdisciplinarity and collaboration. We are driven by curiosity and experimentation. We create and share knowledge. And we are committed to furthering sustainability and social equity in a time of accelerated environmental and social change. 

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Experiential Learning

Whether creating in the studio, doing fieldwork and internships, or studying objects at the museum, College of Design students are learning hands on and working directly with faculty.

In a recent example, students helped transform the parking lot of a restaurant run by Food for Lane County, a nonprofit food bank. The Dining Room parking lot is now home to three “hoppers,” or movable shelter structures on wheels, upcycled adaptable seating, a freshly painted mural, greenery, and a newly planted tree. In the coming months an outdoor sink and sanitation station will be added. All this was made possible through architecture studios, the “City is a House” design-build project, and much volunteer work by students.

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Engaged Faculty

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When it comes to visual culture and the built, natural, and social environments, there is tremendous expertise in the College of Design. Our faculty members in both Eugene and Portland are working at the leading edge of their disciplines to address ecological challenges and advance sustainability as both a value and a practice. The College of Design is pioneering approaches to sustainable living that are focused on solving real-world problems.

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Explore Courses for Nonmajors

Try out some courses open to all UO students to help you decide whether a major in the College of Design is right for you.

Studio Education

Design thinking is a fundamental element in the creative process and studio instruction provides students with opportunities to develop this skill. A studio is a unique classroom experience where designers and artists can work with materials and tools to solve design problems in a workshop environment. Learn more about the Studio Learning experience.

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The Urban Farm First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) First-Year Interest Groups (FIGs) bring students with similar interests together.
Art and Design Academic Residential Community Art and Design Academic Residential Community Learn about the Art and Design residential community. 

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Career Services

We provide the skills and mentorship needed for our students to tackle complex global challenges and positively affect the people, communities, and environments around them. Our Student Services Hub provides a robust set of tools and trainings to empower our students to take strategic steps toward their professional careers.

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