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As an admitted student at the UO, and as an enrolled major in the College of Design, you have opportunities to apply for academically related scholarships that are either general (tuition, fees, supplies, housing), travel (internships, professional conference, study abroad), or research.

UO Scholarships and Funding

All admitted UO students are encouraged to review these opportunities and apply if they meet eligibility criteria:

Become an expert in managing your own finances and be more confident in your money-management decisions by taking advantage of the UO’s Financial Wellness Center.

Watch the UO Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarship workshop to learn more about finding and applying for scholarships on campus!

College of Design Scholarships


You may apply for scholarships in the College of Design if you are an admitted and/or declared College of Design major, are actively taking classes, and are in and maintaining good academic standing. Students who are not yet admitted to or have not yet declared a College of Design major are not eligible to apply for these opportunities, but may still apply for general UO scholarships.

College of Design tuition scholarships generally range from $2,000–$4,000 per selected student per academic year. Scholarships do not automatically renew, so you must apply for them annually. Scholarship funds may require that you demonstrate academic merit and/or financial need to be considered.

To be considered for financial-need based scholarships, before submitting a completed application:

Two types of scholarships are offered in the College of Design:

  • Tuition Scholarships, which are offered as general College of Design to any eligible major, and by majors within the college that have available funding:  
    • General College of Design; School of Architecture & Environment; and School of Planning, Public Policy and Management scholarships:
      • Applications are open October 26, 2023– January 30, 2024.  
    • Department of Art and Art & Technology:
      • Tuition scholarship applications are open November 15, 2023–February 15, 2023.  
    • Department of Product Design:
      • Tuition scholarships are conferred by faculty committee and not available by application.  
    •  Department of the History of Art and Architecture:
  • Travel and/or Research Scholarships: These may be offered during fall, winter, and/or spring terms at the discretion of the respective majors. Students will be notified by email from their department/major if these become available.

Annual Application for Tuition Scholarships

To apply for general College of Design, School of Architecture & Environment, and School of Planning, Public Policy and Management tuition scholarships, you only need to fill out one application via the UO Scholarship Dashboard. You will automatically be considered for any of those scholarships for which you are eligible based on the information in your submitted application.

The School of Art + Design and the Department of the History of Art and Architecture will respectively announce their major-specific tuition scholarship application details directly to their students as those opportunities are available.

You will learn when applications are open via email to your address, announcements in the College of Design Academic Advising e-news, and via various visual and digital channels of communication.

Current students can log into their Scholarship Dashboard any time with their Duck ID and password to access the common application for UO and College of Design scholarships referenced above. Incoming freshman and transfer students will be invited to sign up for the Dashboard as part of the UO admissions process.

When you apply for college tuition scholarships, you are required to provide the name and email of one non-family member reference who has agreed to recommend you. To be eligible for department-specific scholarships, you must also submit a link to your online portfolio of creative/design work for studio-based majors or upload a brief pdf of compiled research or academic-work samples for classroom-based majors.

Applications are reviewed by faculty committees that strive to make and announce selections by early spring term.

List of Funds

Find your major in the list below to see available scholarships that you may be considered for through the annual application (see above).

All College of Design Majors

School of Architecture & Environment:  
Architecture  |  Interior Architecture  |  Landscape Architecture  |  Historic Preservation

School of Art + Design:  
Art  |  Product Design

School of Planning, Public Policy and Management

Department of the History of Art and Architecture

All College of Design Majors

Tuition Scholarships:

  • Ellen P. Pennell Memorial Scholarship
  • Clara Nasholm Scholarship
  • PGE Foundation Scholarship
  • Schlesinger Family Scholarship
  • The Noma L. Hanlon Endowed Scholarship

School of Architecture & Environment Majors

Department of Architecture

Tuition Scholarships:

  • Baird Family Scholarship
  • Brandaw Family Fellowship
  • DeNorval "De" Unthank Faculty Excellence Award
  • Diversity Recruiting Fund in Architecture
  • Frederick T. Hannaford Memorial Scholarship
  • Glumac Graduate Research Fellowship
  • Louis C. Rosenberg Scholarship
  • Lyle P. Bartholomew Scholarship
  • Opsis Architecture Scholarship
  • Pat Piccioni Scholarship for Excellence in Architectural Design
  • RM Tollefson Architecture Scholarship
  • The Ankrom Moisan Architecture Fellowship
  • The Architecture Scholarship Endowment
  • The Architecture Student Aid Scholarship
  • The Arthur and Flora Erfeldt Fund
  • The Bassetti Architects Scholarship
  • The DeNorval Unthank Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Architecture Scholarship
  • The Donald H. Lutes Memorial Scholarship in Architecture
  • The Donna V. Sundberg Scholarship in Architecture
  • The F.F. Farm Scholarship
  • The Fletcher Farr Ayotte Graduate Student Award
  • The G. Stacey Bennett Memorial Scholarship
  • The George F. and Geraldine D. Andrews Endowed Scholarship
  • The Hong Kong Student Aid Fund
  • The Melvin E. Streeter Memorial Scholarship
  • The Miller Hull Endowed Scholarship
  • The Nascence and UO Hong Kong Alumni Scholarship
  • The Penny and Michael Wilkes Architecture Student Scholarship
  • The Rowell Brokaw Architects Student Research Scholarship
  • The Schroeder Family Scholarship Fund in Architecture
  • The Walter Gordon Memorial Student Scholarship in Architecture
  • William J. Lowenberg Scholarship Fund
  • Yost Grube Hall Architecture Scholarship

Travel and/or Research Scholarships:

  • Anthony Wong Scholarship for Research in Sustainable Design
  • Eco-Id Architects Student Internship Grant
  • Ion Lewis Scholarship in Architecture
  • Qindong Liang Family Fund for Global Education
  • Richard A. Campbell Traveling Award
  • The Architecture Student Travel Fund
  • Walter G. Brown, Jr. Architectural Student Study/Travel Grant

Department of Interior Architecture

Tuition Scholarships:

  • Gunilla K. Finrow Excellence in Interior Architecture
  • Jeanne Hall Jenkins Scholarship
  • Lyman and Judith Johnson Interior Architecture Award
  • The Arthur and Flora Erfeldt Fund
  • The Bassetti Architects Scholarship
  • The Brownell Frasier Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • The Melvin E. Streeter Memorial Scholarship
  • The Miller Hull Endowed Scholarship

Department of Landscape Architecture

Tuition Scholarships:

  • Cameron & McCarthy Scholarship
  • Dennis Hickok Memorial Fund
  • Donald M. Knott, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Fuller Graduate Award
  • Joseph D. and Ruth L. Meyers Endowment
  • Lafky Family Scholarship
  • Marie and Arthur Berger Scholarship
  • McCarl Family Award for the Advancement of Sustainability
  • The A. Brian Mostue Memorial Scholarship
  • The Arthur and Flora Erfeldt Fund
  • The Barbara Fealy Student Scholarship in Landscape Architecture
  • The Dorothy Martone Memorial Scholarship
  • The Jane Kerr Platt Memorial Scholarship
  • The Josephine Lumm Matsler '41, Endowed Scholarship
  • The Oregon Chapter ASLA Student Aid Fund
  • William Riley "Tex" Matsler Memorial Scholarship

Travel and/or Research Scholarship:

  • Jon Decherd Research Fund
  • Qindong Liang Family Fund for Global Education

Historic Preservation Program

Tuition Scholarships:

  • Art DeMuro Scholarship
  • Philip H. Dole Historic Preservation Fund
  • The James J. and Kathryn B. Walton Endowment

Research and Internship Scholarships:

  • Heritage Research Fund
  • Greg Hartell Historic Preservation Student Internship Fund

School of Art + Design Majors

Department of Art

Tuition Scholarships:

  • David John McCosh Memorial Scholarship in Painting
  • David McCosh Memorial Scholarship in Fine Arts
  • Florence Pobanz Scholarship
  • Frank Okada Memorial Fund
  • Ina McClung Art Scholarship
  • Joe and Alona Fischer Scholarship
  • LaVerne Krause Scholarship Award
  • Robert C. and Jane A. Gehring Scholarship
  • The Eileen Cathryn Lemley Moore Award
  • The Georgianne Teller Singer Dean's Graduate Fellowship in Art
  • The J. Donald Hubbard Family Scholarship
  • The Jan Zach Memorial Graduate Award
  • The Jan Zach Memorial Scholarship in Fine Arts
  • The Molly Muntzel Smith Annual Award
  • The Phillip Halley Johnson Scholarship
  • The Ralph B. Baker Memorial Fund
  • Virginia Green and Leila Johnston Endowment Fund

Department of Product Design

Tuition Scholarships:

  • Peterson Family Scholarship
  • Tinker L. Hatfield Scholarship in Product Design

The School of Planning, Public Policy and Management Majors

Tuition Scholarships:

  • Diane M. McKeel Scholarship in Public Affairs
  • Doug McClain Memorial Scholarship in Planning
  • Effie Lu Fairchild Scholarship
  • June King McFee Student Scholarship
  • The Al Frazier Endowment
  • The John and Karen Baldwin Scholarship in Environmental Planning
  • The Joseph M. Edney Memorial Fund
  • The Maude I. Kerns Scholarship
  • The Walton Arts Management

Travel and Internship Scholarships:

  • Kantor Family Internship
  • The Arts and Administration Travel Scholarship
  • The Gregory R. Pulliam Student Assistance Award (internship)

Department of the History of Art and Architecture Majors

Tuition Scholarships:

  • Joe and Alona Fischer Scholarship
  • Marian Donnelly Student Travel Grant
  • The Amy and Ross Kari Endowed Fund in Art History
  • The Gloria Tovar Lee Scholarship in Art History
  • The Marian Donnelly Student Award Endowment
  • The Mr. and Mrs. Eric G. Clarke Scholarship

Travel Scholarship:

  • Alice Wingwall Travel Scholarship in Art History

Current Scholarship Awardees Profiles

Visit the College of Design Scholarship Awardees blog to read student profiles and see the impact donor-funded scholarships are having on their lives.

Explore Recipient Profiles

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