Bruton Design Intensive


Bruton Design Intensive


The Bruton Design Intensive represents a dynamic and transformative program that brings together students from the School of Architecture & Environment for an immersive two-week design-build charrette.

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The intensive is designed with a clear mission in mind: to cultivate a dynamic and engaging learning environment centered around the charrette method, ultimately leading to a range of innovative learning outcomes for participating students. This program goes beyond traditional classroom learning to equip students with a comprehensive skill set that extends well beyond the realm of design.

Painting of Lawrence Hall

Here are some key aspects of the Bruton Design Intensive's approach and the learning outcomes it aims to achieve:

  • Charrette-Based Learning
  • Design Presentation and Communication Skills
  • Rapid Thinking and Decision-Making
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Adaptability and Resilience
  • Time Management and Planning
  • Feedback and Iteration  

The Bruton Design Intensive is more than just an educational endeavor; it serves as a dynamic platform for fostering collaboration, innovation, and community engagement in the context of addressing pressing social and environmental challenges. It achieves this by promoting interdisciplinary dialogues and facilitating meaningful conversations with community members on vital social issues.

  • Cross-Pollination of Ideas
  • Holistic Problem Solving
  • Engaging with Local Communities
  • Design-Related Social Responsibility
  • Raising Awareness
  • Building Lasting Relationships

Furthermore, the involvement of community members is not limited to providing insights and feedback; they become active contributors to the design dialogue. Their lived experiences and local knowledge become integral to the brainstorming and decision-making processes. As a result, the design solutions that emerge are more holistic and finely tuned to the unique needs of the public.









Bruton Design Intensive Workshop List



Photograph of a child entering a dwelling in Ecuador. Location is marked as the Cultural Center. Courtesy of ArchDaily and Photographer Santiago Oviedo.

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