Find Jobs and Internships

When searching for internships and jobs, use a combination of proactive and reactive strategies.

Reactive strategies focus on applying to internship/job announcements that you find posted. Select a few employment posting websites to check regularly for opportunities that match your interests and skills.

Proactive strategies focus on initiating contact and relationship building. Why do this? Not all opportunities are posted. In addition to postings, hiring managers find new employees through a variety of ways including referrals and direct contact from applicants. Because of this, it’s important to introduce yourself to the professional community you would like to be hired into. Read more about why and how to network.

To start, research people working in your future career field and the companies that employ these types of professionals.

  • Find companies in your preferred city that offer the type of work you would like to pursue; review their websites to assess your match with their services, products, and values and to identify opportunities.
  • Find professionals working in your field by checking staff lists on company websites, talking with your network, and using a platform like LinkedIn (visit the UO’s LinkedIn page and try its alumni search tool). Consider conducting an informational interview.

Also, develop a system to keep track of all search activities and information. This includes your research on companies, professionals you identify and contact, and opportunities you apply for. Tracking saves you time and helps you know when to follow up.

Examples of Internship/Job Sites

All Majors

Architecture & Environment

Art + Design & Art History

Planning, Public Policy and Management