Tips for Staying on Track to Graduate

We encourage our students to do the following to stay on track to graduate:

Meet with an academic advisor at least once per term.

Class schedules for the upcoming term come out Friday of Week 5 each term. Put in a recurring reminder in your calendar to check in with an advisor as soon as Week 6 starts!

Officially declare a major.

Some courses only allow certain majors to register for the course or give registration priority to declared majors. Make sure to declare a major or minor to give you first-chance at registration.

Create a long-term academic plan.

Creating a long-term academic plan can help you see what requirements you have left to complete and make sure there aren't any surprises down the line. Academic advisors can help you craft your academic plan.

Revisit your graduation plan often.

If you’ve created a long-term academic plan, make sure to keep checking it every once in a while! Following a graduation plan is very important and knowing where courses can be moved around is important to know.

Create good relationships with your faculty.

Getting to know your faculty is very important for all students. Whether you’re wanting to get involved in research, to asking for letters of recommendation for an application, to getting life advice for what to do after graduation, faculty are there to help.

Build your academic success team.

No one does it alone. Make sure to take advantage of all of the support services you have on campus. From student groups, to advisors, tutors, therapists, and more, trust that you can find the tools to succeed and know that you belong here!

Think long-term.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your future. Consider jobs and internships, studying abroad, networking, grad school, etc., sooner rather than later to see what you can do now to make your job easier down the line.