IntroDUCKtion 2021–22

Welcome incoming Design Ducks for Fall 2021! The academic advising staff in the College of Design Student Services office are excited to meet with you this summer to help you prepare for your first term at the UO!

Our Freshman IntroDucktion Advising Program will begin in July 2021 and run throughout the summer.

Our office will be sending an email to your email with an invitation to meet with an academic advisor. We ask that you wait to receive your email invitation in July before trying to schedule an appointment.

How do you know if you are eligible for academic advising?

Academic Advising will begin for students who have done all of the following by June 30:

Students who haven’t completed these requirements will be invited to schedule an appointment after they do so. Advising appointments are based on advisor availability and will continue for several weeks. Please note: you do not have to attend your in-person session before you get advising but you must be registered for an in-person session.