Jeanne Hall Jenkins Interior Excellence Awards

In Spring 2022, UO Interior Architecture students participated in the Jeanne Hall Jenkins Interior Excellence Awards. These students were able to win awards for the incredible work they created throughout the year.

Best of the Show ($500)

Savannah Sinowitz, IARC 588 (Winter 2022) – The New Aged Grape – Comprehensive Project Schematic Design
Faculty Advisor: Linda Zimmer

Jury Comments: Compelling presentation panel captures the essence of the building + experience of users. Thorough exploration of specific program with emphasis on vertical movement in space.

Work by Savannah Sinowitz

Working Drawing Studio ($250)

Allie Miller, (Winter 2022), IARC 587, Café Marche
Faculty Advisor: Jenna Fribley

Jury Comments: Very nice project and portfolio organization. Nice use of FF&E imagery to balance B&W drawings and show design continuity from art inspiration to palette. Focus on the sensory experience of noise + how it is mitigated through detail is noted.

Work by Allie Miller

Interior Design ($250)

Lecheng Wei, IARC 610 (Fall 2021), Light House
Faculty Advisor: Esther Hagenlocher

Jury Comments: Clear, creative & interesting layout. Very strong presentation panel; conceptually compelling and thorough exploration of the spatial experiences.

Work by Lecheng Wei

Interior Design ($250)

Jenna Wheeler, IARC 610 (Fall 2021), Museum at the Mews
Faculty Advisor: Esther Hagenlocher

Jury Comments: Great comprehensive presentation. Compelling and content-rich. Programming + planning + sections are well done.

Work by Jenna Wheeler

Interior Design ($250)

Rheata Kumala, IARC 484 (Fall 2021), ARBOR Behavioral Health Clinic
Faculty Advisor: Sami Chohan

Jury Comments: Strong organizational/innovative planning in a conventional building. Organic, softer-edged approach to HC particularly relevant in 2022. Messaging is thoughtful + clarity of graphics/layout noted. Clear, nice hero images & layout. 

Work by Rheata Kumala

Foundation Studio ($250)

Maia Campos, ARCH383 (fall 2021), Boathouse + Community Center
Faculty Advisor: Junichi Satoh

Jury Comments: Strong for foundation studio! Thoughtful integrated approach + use of multiple mediums. Future focus on further development scaled detailed/ spatial experiences. Inside/Out approach noted.

Work by Maia Campos

Honorable Mention ($100)

Valeria Mena, IARC 484 (Winter 2022), Three Stages
Faculty Advisor: Solmaz Kive

Jury Comments: Overall, very compelling projects and imagery. Continued use of colored icons for the second project would help the viewer follow the path of the exhibits. Powerful + provocative concept. Evokes the mood of the subject matter.

Work by Valeria Mena


Honorable Mention ($100)

Aburi Covington, IARC 484 (W2022), InsideOut
Faculty Advisor: Sami Chohan

Jury Comments: Presentation Panel is quite compelling + graphically strong in both layout + clarity of conceptual ideas. Mural is beautiful + moody. Inside/Out approach is well integrated inclusive of landscape and architectural proposal. Nice use of hand drawn process work and material collage.

Work by Aburi Covington


Anne Cunningham, FIIDA, Tarpaulin Studio, Seattle WA

Catherine Johnson, AIA; Design, Bitches; LA

Camila Watson, IIDA, ZGF, Seattle WA

Lindsay Suprenant, Holabird & Root, Chicago IL

Keely O’Brien, West of West, Portland OR