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The College of Design is committed to providing a positive educational experience for all its students. The college can provide a community and equitable experience for all through the financial support of its donors, specifically scholarships. Scholarships like the Tinker L. Hatfield Scholarship in Product Design, the Michael and Stacy Koehn Award, the Pat Piccioni Scholarship for Excellence in Architectural Design, the DeNorval Unthank Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Architecture, the Clara Nasholm Scholarship, the Brownell Fraiser Memorial Scholarship, the Alice Wingwall Travel Award, the Marian Donnelly Student Award, the Effie Lu Fairchild Scholarship, and the June King McFee Student Scholarship, empower our students to work, learn, and even travel, in some instances, when those options might not be normally available to the individual. The following quotes from Eowyn Boosinger, Trent Nesbitt, Allyssa Gail Corpuz, Audry Kapumba, Joe Sussi, Sian Dim Lun, and Megan Tuleya, detail the ways these monies impact and enrich the lives of students.

Eowyn Boosinger headshot

Tinker L. Hatfield Scholarship in Product Design   
Eowyn Boosinger, BS '24 (Product Design)

The Tinker L. Hatfield Scholarship in Product Design supports students who demonstrate academic achievement and high-quality academic work in the Department of Product Design. As this year's recipient, Eowyn is grateful for both the financial support and the recognition for all of her work. 

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“It means a lot to not only be recognized for my work as a designer but to also be supported financially by this scholarship. Heading into my final year of the program in Portland there are a lot of expenses involved both in the classes I will be taking and moving to a new city....”
Eowyn Boosinger

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Photo courtesy of Tanner Koehn.

Trent Nesbitt headshot

Michael and Stacy Koehn Award  
Trent Nesbitt, BS '24 (Product Design)

After the Product Design program was launched in 2008, the Koehns redirected the Michael and Stacy Koehn Award to provide seed funding to students who have conceptualized products that feasibly could be taken to market. Trent Nesbitt, one of this year's recipients, is using his award to put the results of his hard work into the hands of others. 

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“This scholarship is important to me because it is helping me to pursue a studio project beyond the scope of the class. I will be using this award to continue the development of my project with the hopes of ultimately producing and selling the item.”
Trent Nesbitt


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Photo courtesy of Tatymn Snider.

Allyssa Gail Corpuz with friends

Pat Piccioni Scholarship for Excellence in Architectural Design,  
The DeNorval Unthank Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Architecture,  
Allyssa Gail Corpuz, BArch '25

Receiving both the Pat Piccioni Scholarship for Excellence in Architectural Design and the DeNorval Unthank Jr. Memorial Scholarship in Architecture helped Allyssa Gail overcome hurdles and barriers that come with working to earn a degree. She is extremely grateful for these opportunities to further her education.

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“These scholarships are important to me because as a full-time student who also has to work on top of school to pay for my own rent and bills ... Receiving scholarships means a lot to me because it is helping me further my education as a first-generation, BIPOC student.”
Allyssa Gail Corpuz


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Photo courtesy of Tanner Koehn.

Audry Kapumba headshot

Brownell Fraiser Memorial Scholarship        
Audry Kapumba, BArch '24

The Brownell Fraiser Memorial Scholarship supports undergraduate students in their third, fourth, or fifth year and graduate students in the Department of Interior Architecture. Audry is appreciate of this award, not only because it will help him reach his own professional goals, but because he believes this financial assist could help lift up his family's goals in the long run.

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“This scholarship will be a great relief for my last year of school. It is extremely important to me because it will help my parents save a bit for my sibling that are pursuing personal academic goals as well. It’s helping me achieve my academic goals by allowing me to focus solely on finishing my last year with all my focus.”
Audry Kapumba


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Photo courtesy of Joe Sussi.

Joe Sussi headshot

Alice Wingwall Travel Award in Art History,  
Marian Donnelly Student Award  
Joe Sussi, PhD Candidate '24 (Contemporary Art History)

A combination of the Alice Wingwall Travel Award in Art History and the Marian Donnelly Student Award allowed Joe Sussi to take the research trip to Sacramento and Los Angeles, CA, which he believes will become integral to the second chapter of his dissertation. Due to earning the awards, Joe was able to see the work of Kim Abeles in a retrospective exhibition, "Smog Collectors,” in Sacramento and meet the artist in person in Los Angeles.

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“These scholarships have been incredibly supportive of my research over the course of my time here at the UO. I have received both [awards] twice, which has been a godsend as far as making my high demands for research possible. Thank you so much for this support!”
Joe Sussi


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Photo courtesy of Tanner Koehn.

Sian Dim Lun with friends and family

Effie Lu Fairchild Scholarship   
Sian Dim Lun, MNM '24

The Effie Lu Fairchild Scholarship supports students in arts management who are pursuing leadership positions in the field of youth recreation or youth arts education. Sian Dim Lun plans to make the most of her scholarship, using it to help earn a Master's in Nonprofit Management as a means to create positive change in her community.  

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“To me, this scholarship means validation, as it was not something that I applied for but rather was awarded to me unexpectedly... being awarded this scholarship has shown me that I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Being recognized by someone when you least expect it makes the feeling all the more rewarding. Receiving this award has been a privilege as it decreased financial burdens and has helped make my higher education dreams a reality.”
Sian Dim Lun


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Photo courtesy of Tanner Koehn.

 Megan Tuleya headshot

Gregory R. Pulliam Student Assistance Award     
Megan Tuleya, BS '24 (PPPM)

The Gregory R. Pulliam Student Assistance Award supports undergraduate students in the School of Planning, Public Policy and Management, with a preference given to students conducting research or participating in an internship in the area of community development. Megan will use this award allows her time and resources to postively impact the health in Oregon. 

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“This scholarship is supporting me while I work on my honors thesis. My thesis is focused on healthcare access for undocumented immigrants, looking specifically at how the Oregon policy, Healthier Oregon, is implemented, its successes and challenges. Alongside working as an intern for the UO Institute for Policy Research and Engagement, this award supports me in dedicating time to investigating a topic that impacts the health and lives of many Oregonians.”
Megan Tuleya


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Photo courtesy of Tanner Koehn.

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