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Sample Internship/Job Links for All Majors:

Sample Internship/Job Links Relevant to All College of Design Majors:

In addition to the examples below, research the internet for additional sites based on your area of focus.

School of Art + Design related sites:

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School of Architecture & Environment related sites:

Planning, Public Policy and Management related sites:

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History of Art and Architecture related sites:

Not all opportunities are posted!

Job search statistics indicate that a large number of jobs (and internships) are never posted. Instead, employers find new employees through a variety of ways, e.g. converting their interns to full-time employees, referrals from current employees or others they trust, or using a staffing agency. For internships, some employers might expect applicants to initiate contact and express their interest rather than posting an announcement. Or, an employer might not have an internship program but is willing to create one for the right person. Because of this, it’s important to not only look for posted opportunities but to also take steps to find those not posted. How might you do this?

Identify organizations/firms that offer work you would like to pursue:

  • Search online using keywords indicating type of work and your preferred location
  • Check job posting websites – while you might not fit the qualifications of a job posted, the company offering it might be of interest to you
  • Use a social media platform like LinkedIn to learn more about the organization and people who work there

Once you have identified organizations of interest, contact them! You might begin with an informational interview.

Networking is key to finding and exploring unposted opportunities.

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