Profile picture of Esther Jacobson-Tepfer

Esther Jacobson-Tepfer

Maude I. Kerns Professor Emerita of Asian Art
Phone: 541-346-2130
Office: 382 Lawrence Hall

University of Chicago, BA, 1962; MA, 1964; PhD, 1970

My current research and writing is organized around my long-term research on Mongolian rock art. This involves, this year, a series of invited chapters and papers for international publications and symposia as well as continuing development of the digital archive, housed in the UO Libraries, of rock art and surface archaeology, Mongolian Altai Image Collection. Through these projects I continue to develop my next book-length publication on the rock art of the Mongolian Altai. This will be a comprehensive consideration of subject, style, and physical context of several great rock art sites of the Mongolian Altai and their implications for our knowledge of paleo-enviroment, ancient economies and the organization of society in the Bronze and Early Iron Ages. At the moment, there is no such comprehensive publication of the rock art traditions of North Asia, in any language.