Kate Mondloch

History of Art and Architecture
Research Interests:
Contemporary Art and Theory
Phone: 541-346-2068
Office: 237D Lawrence Hall

Georgetown University, BS, 1994
UCLA, MA, 2000; PhD, 2005

Kate Mondloch completed her undergraduate work in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and earned both her MA and PhD in art history from UCLA. She joined the University of Oregon’s Department of the History of Art and Architecture in 2005. Prof. Mondloch teaches courses in contemporary art and theory. She has been department head since 2016, and was the founding director of the UO's New Media and Culture Certificate. Her research interests focus on late 20th- and early 21st-century art, theory, and criticism, particularly as these areas of inquiry intersect with the cultural, social, and aesthetic possibilities of new technologies. Her research fields are wide-ranging and include screen-based media art and theory, installation art, feminism, digital culture, science and technology studies, and the digital humanities. She is interested especially in theories of spectatorship and subjectivity, and in research methods that bridge the sciences and the humanities.  Prof. Mondloch is the author of Screens: Viewing Media Installation Art (University of Minnesota Press, 2010) and A Capsule Aesthetic: Feminist Materialisms in New Media Art (University of Minnesota Press, 2018), for which she developed a related multimedia publication, Installation Archive: A Capsule Aesthetic, using the Scalar platform. Prof. Mondloch has been published in a variety of journals, including Art Journal, Art Bulletin, Feminist Media Studies, Leonardo, and Vectors, and served on the editorial board of Art Journal. She has been awarded research fellowships from the American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS), the University of California Humanities Research Institute, the Banff Centre, and the Oregon Humanities Center. Her research also has been supported by the Getty Research Institute and the Clark Art Institute. Prof. Mondloch received the University of Oregon's Faculty Excellence Award in 2013. Her faculty website is www.katemondloch.com

Selected Courses Taught

ARH 354

NCSA 300

NCSA 400

ARH 4|510

ARH 4|510

ARH 4|510

ARH 4|555

ARH 4|507

ARH 4|507

ARH 4|507

ARH 607

ARH 607

ARH 607

ARH 607

ARH 607

ARH 611

Contemporary Art

Italian Cinema (on site in Siena, Italy)

Contemporary Art in Europe (on site in Siena, Italy)

Contemporary Art in the 1960s-1970s

Issues in Art and Theory Since 1985

Global Currents in Contemporary Art and the Venice Biennale

Topics in Contemporary Art

New Media Art and Digital Discourses

Media, Spectacle, and Surveillance in Contemporary Art

Art After Feminism

Vision and Visuality

Topics in Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities for Art Historians | Digital Art History

Art and Attention, Perception, and Contemplation

Performance and Installation in Contemporary Art

Art Historical Theories and Methodologies