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A unique academic ecosystem, the College of Design comprises not only creative practitioners—artists, architects, and designers—but also social scientists, humanities scholars, engineers, economists, biologists, planners, and policy makers. Using diverse methods, we are engaging critical questions and tackling complex problems.

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Research Spotlight

A Brighter Future

The newly launched UO Pacific Northwest Just Futures Institute for Racial and Climate Justice was made possible by a historic $4.52 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Directed by School of Planning, Public Policy and Management Assistant Professor John Arroyo, leaders in the College of Design are joining forces with the College of Arts and Sciences, and community-based partners, to do the deep, meaningful, and urgent equity work that will envision and realize a just future for the Pacific Northwest.

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We tackle urgent ecological challenges through many lenses. Revealing, understanding, caring for, and reviving vibrant ecosystems and a healthy environment for all species is a deep vein running through our work.


We are dynamic explorers with diverse tools. Through imagination, experimentation, analysis, and creation, we grapple with thorny problems, discover new interpretations, and open uncharted territory.


We are dedicated to building a more just and inclusive future. Anti-racist actions and social equity questions are embedded in what we do—engaging civic life, shaping the built environment, and creating new imaginaries.


We ask bold questions and make unexpected connections, aiming to engage, enrich, and inspire through the things we make and the stories we tell. Catalyzing curiosity, awe, and empathy opens new potentials.

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Whether creating in the studio, doing fieldwork and internships or studying objects at the museum, College of Design students are learning hands on and working directly with faculty.

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