College of Design News

Aalto | Light: the 2022 Reynolds Symposium Starts this Friday

Learn more about the masterwork of Alvar Aalto’s Library at Mount Angel Abbey this Friday May 20, 2022. Friday’s lectures will feature two Finnish experts: Prof. Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen, author of Alvar Aalto Libraries and photographer Jari Jetsonen, who has mounted numerous exhibits about Aalto’s architecture.

Interior Architecture Program Shows-off at Upcoming New York City Furniture Show in May

The College of Design’s Interior Architecture assistant professor Cory Olsen was selected to be a part of the WantedDesign Manhatten and International Contemporary Furniture Fair.

Design for Spatial Justice Fellow Investigates The Black Aesthetic

Wilson W. Smith III Visiting Faculty Fellow in Design for Spatial Justice, Robert Clarke has a new lecture coming to Eugene that utilizes novel methodologies to investigate how one can interject black culture into architectural forms and motifs, how can we unearth a recognizable aesthetic that expresses lost histories, current histories, and cultural norms that is specific to African American Culture. 

Landscape for Humanity: Project-Based Education with a Compassionate Focus from the College of Design

The College of Design has a long legacy and achievement in ecological and community-based design thanks to the development and teaching of innovative design methods throughout its more than 100-year history.

M.Arch Student Sonata Caric's article featured in Perkins&Will Research Journal

Ceric's article "Sustainable Urbanism for Displaced People" is one of four articles featured in the 25th issue of the Perkins&Will Research Journal.

Exploring Jewish Art and Architecture with the College of Design

Learn more about HAA's newest course, Ancient Jewish Art and Architecture (ARH 321) and its guest speaker series.

Studying Fractals in Nature: Fractal Patterns in Nature Relieve Stress and Mental Fatigue

Architecture Professor Ihab Elzeyadi assists in the research and development of incorporating modified fractals into our day-to-day, manmade environments.

Anupam Satumane Receives NIKE Research PhD Fellowship

We interviewed Architecture Doctoral student Anupam Satumane about his research and landing a Nike Fellowship. Here's what he shared with us.

Studying Ventilation, Filtration, and Humidity's Impact on COVID-19

Architecture Professor Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, along with his staff and doctoral students, study the affect different variables have on decreasing COVID-19's viral load.

Teaching by Design with Trygve Faste

Oregon Quarterly features Product Design department head, Trygve Faste, in an article that details his method and journey to teaching tomorrow's designers. 

Wordle, the brainchild of a UO alum, is sweeping the globe

Around the O article: Josh Wardle, a 2011 Master of Fine Arts graduate in digital arts, has a new project sweeping the globe: Wordle.

A Principal Investigator of Rural Alchemy

Philomath, Oregon-based “rural artist” Karin Bolender has more in common with scientists in the Knight Campus than many might realize.

Indigenous Designer and UO Alumna Tracie Jackson Featured on the UO BE Series

Tracie Jackson (Diné) is the guest speaker of UO's "BE" series – a student-run program that brings together thinkers, makers, and disrupters to share their ideas on the issues that matter.

Architecture Professor Judith Sheine Wins 2022 Timber Education Prize with “Mass Timber Design Focus” Course

Architecture Professor Judith Sheine's class at the TallWood Design Institute – a collaboration between the UO's College of Design and OSU's Colleges of Forestry and Engineering – wins a 2022 Timber Education prize.