Minor in Art History

Degree Overview | Degree Requirements | Required Courses

Degree Overview

Art History minors explore world history, culture, and society through art and architecture. Students and faculty maintain deep connections with the university's broad research community through long-standing collaborations with the museums and research units across campus. Through object-based learning, we celebrate cultural differences and the colorful spectrum of human creativity and expression. Become a true global citizen as you develop skills in appreciating visual and material culture.

Declare Art History Minor

Degree Requirements (26 credits minimum)

  • 3 Lower-Division Art History Courses
  • 4 Upper-Division Art History Courses
  • 26 total combined credits (minimum)
  • At least 20 credits must be completed in residence at the University of Oregon (non-transfer courses).
  • All Art History courses required for the minor must be taken for letter grades and must be passed with a C- or better.

Required Courses

3 Lower-Division Art History Courses

Any 100- or 200-level ARH courses, or ARH 314 and/or 315 (History of World Architecture I and II).

Why do I need lower-division courses?

The lower-division courses teach the broader context to the more focused investigations conducted in the upper-division courses. They also provide opportunities for you to explore new cultures and artistic traditions, so that you are better informed about the world and may discover interests you never knew you had.

4 Upper-Division Art History Courses

Any 300- or 400-level ARH courses (except ARH 314 and 315, which cannot be used as upper-division courses).